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"Working at Springwell Gives Me a Purpose”

April 27, 2023

Elaine Yozsa knows precisely what she wants: “My plan is to live until I’m 103.” And anyone who spends any amount of time with 75-year-old Elaine wouldn’t doubt that she will get there.Serving as Springwell’s Delegating RN since 2015, Elaine sees evidence everywhere of why her goals are achievable: “Working at Springwell, in addition to people my age, you are around 102- and 103-year-olds who are walking around and socializing. It’s inspiring, and they make me feel like I’m middle-aged.” Elaine began her career in 1976 as a critical care nurse, and she stayed in that field until her retirement in 2012. But after a couple of years off and some personal experiences with loved ones in assisted living communities, she decided she wasn’t quite done working. “I just wasn’t ready to retire.” “Life is all about maintenance. You maintain your car and your house. You also need to look after your body and mind. I needed to use my mind again.”She enrolled in Delegating RN and Assisted Living Manager courses, and emerged ready for a new chapter in her career. After looking around for a place to land, Springwell stood out. “I loved that the owner was onsite and he listened to the staff. That was important to me. I also appreciate a tightly run organization. ”On a daily basis, Elaine works closely with Director of Nursing Susan Denning and other care providers. “My favorite part about working at Springwell is the high-level of collaboration with the staff. We are a well-oiled team working together to care for the residents.” “My job is all about facilitating a safe environment and making sure the residents are mentally and physically healthy.” Elaine works hard to evaluate Springwell patients and make sure they get the care they need and deserve. “Working at Springwell gives me a purpose,” she says. “You have to have purpose in your life if you want to keep going.” That’s especially true if you plan to live until you’re 103.

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