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"We'll Be Holding Hands on Valentine’s Day"

April 28, 2023

John and Betty are known as the "legendary couple" at Springwell.John B. Ferron Sr. and Betty Ferron are both 90 and have been married for 66 years - since August 4, 1955.

During a warm July day in 1950, the two met at a party and their first date was a picnic lunch at Carr's Beach, just south of Annapolis. Anne Arundel County was still segregated in the 1950s and early 1960s, and "The Beach" as it was called was a popular gathering spot and concert venue for African Americans. They often listened to renowned musicians and entertainers on Baltimore's Pennsylvania Avenue, which was at the time the epicenter of Black nightclubs, restaurants, and hotels. John saw Betty as a "beautiful, beautiful, beautiful person," so that is how he knew she was the one. "Everyone loves her and she treats everyone kindly and with respect.” As for their careers, John was director of the Baltimore Community Relations Commission for 23 years, working closely with former Mayor William Donald Schaefer. Betty was a social worker for the Department of Public Welfare. They are parents of three children: two sons (one deceased) and one daughter, plus a handful of grandchildren. Now in their fifth year as residents, they visited 11 different places with their daughter before they found Springwell.

“You know when you walk into a community, you get a feeling? We got that feeling," John recalled. "Springwell is unique in that it’s a HUGE family. From the owner to a housekeeper, everyone knows each other. It’s like a big family. It is a family!” The Ferrons have made lots of close friends at Springwell and John's advice is, “if you’re blessed enough, get in!" When asked what the secret to their long relationship is, he said “Love. It’s love. It may sound trite but it’s love.” As for Valentine’s Day this year, as always, Betty and John will be together, holding hands, enjoying each other’s company, and relishing a life well lived, full of love and tenderness.

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