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There’s More Than Just Bingo at Springwell!

November 13, 2023

What does it mean to be active? It depends on who you ask.

But one thing’s for certain: At Springwell, there are activities galore that challenge, entertain and educate residents, keeping them active, enlightened and fulfilled.

Leading the charge of this robust activities department is Activities Director Heather Entwistle. Heather is the first to sing the praises of her hard-working team that keeps the residents continually engaged: “I have the most amazing team. Their number one quality is compassion, and they love their residents and fight for their needs.”

The larger Activities department is broken into three teams that work with three distinct populations: Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care. But everyone in Activities has the same mission: to have fun.

Heather continues, “Our mantra in Activities is we meet the residents where they are.” And with a large population with various interests, the Activities team is kept busy packing the schedule with enriching options.

Activities Director Heather Entwistle

The Springwell Approach

Springwell activities are based on resident interest. Says Heather, “When someone moves into Springwell, we do an interview. We also have a handwritten sheet they can fill out at their leisure to find out what they’reinterested in.”

“Additionally, we conduct monthly meetings with each of the populations. Some of the ideas that come out of that are fabulous and very successful.”

Heather and her team aren’t afraid of changing things up. She says, “We have a pretty rich and varied program that we offer. We get feedback—both positive and negative—on a daily basis, and we embrace it andchange things as needed.”

Activity Opportunities

The Activities schedule is packed with enrichment—from art projects and live entertainment to day trips and spiritual exploration. But the activity that really draws the biggest crowd — besides Bingo — is music.

Says Heather, “We offer live music once a week, and we fill the room for that. The residents love it.”

In addition to hosting a variety of performers, Springwell also hosts from the acclaimed Peabody Institute a musician-in-residence, who lives on the campus and regularly plays music for the residents. Says Heather, “They are crazy for him. He’s one example of if I put him on the schedule, I better have room because they love to be in his company. He’s completely engaging. And if you can’t get out of your apartment, he will come to you.”

Creating Community

Springwell is committed to creating community, and activities are a great vehicle for that. Heather says, “When a resident moves here, one of the things we do in the Activities Department is bring them together with someone with a like interest. As quickly as possible, we want to make this home.”

Events are also a great way to bond a community. “We’ve finally been able to bring back our Friends and Family events after taking a break due to Covid. Recently we held the Cowboy Cookout, and it was a great example of how we are a family here at Springwell. Between residents, the visiting families and the cooperative spirit of the staff, it was the best of us.”

Making a Difference

While each person has their own menu for what activities bring them joy, in the end being active does that same thing for everyone: “Activities help you enjoy your day,” shares Heather, “and that is the service that we really provide.”

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