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“Music Brings Us All Together”

December 27, 2023

For some of us, finding our calling can take years—if not decades. But Evanghelina Ciobanu, Springwell’s current Musician in Residence, knew exactly what she wanted at age of 6—when her parents bought her her first cello.

“I was born into a musical family. I tried other instruments, but I soon realized that I would love to play cello.” Since then, music has been at the center of Eva’s life. In 2000 she began music school in her home country Moldova, and moved to the United States in 2014 to pursue an upper education in music. “I was considering going either to Europe or the United States. I knew a few friends who had come here and were successful, so I came here.”

Currently enrolled at the Peabody Institute of The John Hopkins University, Eva is earning her DMA (Doctor of Musical Arts). “After graduation I am hoping to ultimately have a teaching position at a college or university, as well as be an active performer.”

Springwell is helping support Eva’s dreams by providing an apartment for her to live in onsite as well as a stipend. In return, Eva performs three concerts a week and holds open practice sessions that anyone can attend.

“I feel so welcomed by this community. They are wonderful! The residents are very friendly and interested in my story, and I love it when they share theirs.” “I enjoy seeing new audiences at my concerts and practice sessions. Some of the residents were professional musicians years ago, some were amateurs, and some just love music. Music brings us all together.” Just like Springwell values community, Eva recognizes the part music can play in binding people together. “What I love most about music is that I can share it with people. Music is a unique language that people from different backgrounds can understand and appreciate together.”

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